"Remember Calvary . . . We Are Nearing Home"

Seven Women Are Baptized during Women's Ministries Conference

Botswana | SID WM | Susan Williams | April 20, 2023

Then in response to an appeal following the baptism, additional women, including a guest, commit their hearts to the Lord and prepare for baptism.

The Botswana Union Conference Women’s Ministries conference held in MAUN. The theme of the conference was “Remember Calvary … We are nearing home.”

Our guest speaker, Pastor Latoya Hazell-Alcide made an appeal, and seven women committed their lives to the Lord and were baptized by Pastor John Kamedi. More women indicated that they would love to be baptized.

One lady, a good friend of one of our directors, has been attending several of our conferences. After this conference she indicated that she dearly wants to be baptized and committed her heart to the Lord. Her friend was overjoyed with emotions. God answered her years of prayers for her friend. Isn’t God good?

Sister Margery Herinirina, Women’s Ministries director for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, dedicated the newly baptized women in prayer to the Lord.

“This was a day of rejoicing for us in Botswana as this was the first time that we have had a baptism at one of our conferences,” said Susan Williams, Women’s Ministries director for Botswana Union Conference and organizer of the women’s conference. “What a blessing this was for us!”

Photo credits: Botswana WM
Written by Susan Williams, Women’s Ministries director for Botswana Union Conference, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2