Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2023

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division | SID WM | Margery Herinirina | August 7, 2023

Women in Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division celebrate WM Emphasis Day by using the 2023 resource packet written by their division director, Margery Herinirina.

The sermon, "A Love That Precedes One's Choices," and the seminar, "A Love That Transforms," was prepared for Women's Ministries Emphasis Day, June 10, 2023.

Botswana Union Conference

Women in Botswana distributed food, blankets, clothing, Bibles, and shared God's word with the people in the settlements.

Indian Ocean Union Conference

Women were involved with the celebrations for Women's Ministries Emphasis. Churches in the East Malagasy Conference gave certificates to the young girls who participated in the week of prayer and Women's Ministries Emphasis Day to encourage them to actively be involved in the mission of the church.

Mozambique Union Mission

In the morning women gathered together to worship and celebrate Women's Ministries Emphasis Day. In the afternoon they distributed food to the needy and visited hospitals. They traveled by boat to share the Word of God in remote areas and many souls were baptized. Crowds gathered to witness the baptisms.

North Zambia Union Conference

Most churches in Northern Zambia Union Conference participated during Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day. A few churches gave the slots at the main service, and women ministered to God’s people. In some churches, the elders shared the Word using the Women Ministries resource material at the main service and gave the women the platform to minister in the afternoon during Bible study or seminar. All in all, the special day emphasizing Women's Ministries was held at the Northern Zambia Union Conference.

Southern Africa Union Conference

Women, young and old and numbering 1,512, celebrated the Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day theme, “Jesus' Transforming Love,” in Namibia South Conference, June 10. From the Sabbath school, divine service, and the afternoon program the spirits have been high because love kept our sisters connected in purpose.

Making the day extra special, this occasion was graced by 17 guests, who participated in this Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day. Approximately 3,000 men and children joined the women in this once-a-year event. About 6,149 people, which includes our online viewers, basked in the love of Jesus as we echoed the importance of love for one another.

Love in action was displayed through the love pack ministry of compassion. A total of 197 love packs with the value of N$22,500 (Namibian dollars) have been shared with inmates, refugees, the sick, and orphans.

Sao Tome and Principe

Women celebrated Women's Ministries Emphasis Day and were blessed. Everyone was happy.

South-West Angola Union Conference

Women’s Emphasis Day in South-West Angola Union was held under the theme, "Love That Precedes Our Choices." It was a comprehensive theme, and we just have to say: praise God, all the time!

We had our programs as usual including Sisters for Christ with the goal of training up a child in the way she should go (Proverbs 6:22). We take care to include our young girls in the day's activities as this will help them in their journey to becoming the church's future leaders. These little friends of Jesus will grow up to become our sisters in Christ.

Another part of the day's activities was a special graduation program for more than 200 women who received certificates for completing their training in the Prophetic Guidance course. Pastor Diamantino, Sawambo, director of the Department of Spirit of Prophecy for South-West Angola Union, worked tirelessly guiding this intensive course for the honor and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our gratitude goes to Almighty God, our leaders, and all the women who work in this ministry in spirit and in truth.

South Zambia Union Conference

East Zambia Field had a special Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day. The women decided to carry out community service at Mwami Hospital.

Zimbabwe East Union Conference

One of the youngest members of the cooking school was taught how to prepare a pumpkin meal. Items collected for distribution to women in prison included prison jerseys. Food hampers were delivered to the aged. Some ladies assisted an elderly woman with the shelling of maize. The grandma was so happy with the kind gesture that she shed tears of joy.

Photo credits: SID WM
Contributed by Margery Herinirina, director of Women's Ministries for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q3