International Women's Day of Prayer, March 4

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division | SID WM | Margery Herinirina | May 2, 2023

Even power outages could not stop the blessings from flowing on this day of prayer.

Southern Africa Union Conference: A week of prayer for women at a local church was organized leading up to the International Women's Day of Prayer. These women were so committed that even power outages could not prevent them from attending and actively participating each evening. 

Across South Africa, the Sabbath service was led by women, and members shared a meal together, making the day special in many churches.

South-Western Angola Union Mission: A baptism ceremony was held for many souls who were saved through the work of women. Blood donation drives were also organized to serve local communities.

North-Eastern Angola Union Mission: Women in one community participated in a community clean-up day the following day by tidying up and grounds of a nursing home.

Botswana Union Conference: In many churches women led the activities of the day, prayed together, and shared a meal together.

Mozambique Union Mission: Sunday following this special Sabbath, Women's Ministries reached out to communities by organizing activities such as blood donations and community clean-up.

Mozambique was hit by a very strong cyclone that caused flooding in the country, leaving many people homeless. Women's Ministries supported the affected families by distributing meals and providing basic needs.

Photos: SID WM
Written by Margery Herinirina, WM director for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2