WM Departmental Advisory in Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Pretoria, South Africa | SID WM | Margery Herinirina | May 2, 2023

Women's Ministries directors attend a hybrid meeting to chose four areas of emphasis to finish this five-year period.

The Women's Ministries department of Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) organized its division departmental advisory, February 27-28, It was a hybrid meeting because two of our leaders could not physically attend in the SID office building. These two days of work allowed the group to take an assessment of the work accomplished during the current five-year cycle and also to plan the work until the end of it. The emphasis was on:

1. The mentoring of young girls: empowering them, valuing them, and helping them to participate fully in the mission by addressing. KPI 7.1-7.2

2. The teaching of doctrines - how to understand God and His Word. KPI 5.4-5.5

3. Reclaiming the Missing. KPI 6.1-6.3

4. Centre of influence and 10/40 window. KPI 2.3-2.5

We ended our meeting with a Holy Communion service where we renewed our commitment to serve our God better.

It was a successful two days of work, and the spirit and energy were wonderful. We were also honored by the presence on Zoom of General Conference WM associate director, Nilde Itin, who gave us a powerful devotional message.

Photos: SID WM
Written by Margery Herinirina, WM director for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2