Women in Mission Are Equipped as Disciple Makers

South Sudan | ECD WM | Debbie Maloba | July 24, 2023

The first women's congress in South Sudan will be long remembered by 630 women, not just from the training for "Juba for Christ" evangelistic campaign, but also from watching the Lord answer their intercessory prayers for the healing of two demon-possessed men disturbing their meetings.

For their first Women’s Ministries congress, 430 women and 200 young ladies of South Sudan gathered in Juba Central Church. Two women in attendance, Seventh-day Adventist church members, are serving as members of parliament for South Sudan.

The congress was organized by Sister Debora Morris, Women’s Ministries director of South Sudan Attached Territory, and Sister Marguerite, Women's Ministries director of the Greater Equatorial Field, South Sudan.


The purpose of the Congress, held April 4-8, was to nurture women and young ladies and empower them for mission:

  • For winning souls under the East-Central Africa Division’s (ECD) mission strategy, “ECD Evangelistic Impact 2023.”
  • For encouraging them to be disciple makers and not remain spectators.
  • For reaching out to people who are challenged spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.
  • For preparing them to be involved in “Juba for Christ” campaign scheduled to start one week after the women’s congress.

The event was blessed with the presence of Dr. Debbie Maloba, ECD Women’s Ministries director, who was the main speaker of the congress. She emphasized her presentations on the 13 Ministry Ideas with emphasis on Evangelism in Women’s Ministries, Christian Behavior, Generational Gap Challenges 1969 - 2000 Born, Spiritual Growth and the Power of Prayer, Stress Management, Trauma and Healing among others.


Time was given to women to share their challenges and difficulties that hinder them to fully being involved in Mission. It was a healing and touching moment to hear what women are experiencing in their lives and families. Trauma, stress, and anxiety were the most common shared. Prayer sessions were organized all along the program, and the Holy Spirit worked in a mighty way. Ladies were released from their tension, and they rebuilt their hope in our powerful God.


There were cases of demon-possessed people—brought by their family members—who were disturbing the meetings. But praise the Lord, through the intercessory prayers of women, pastors, and church elders who attended, two demon-possessed men were healed by God. They gave their testimonies on the last day of the congress.

Attending the congress were women whose marriages and relationships with their extended families were broken because of their faith. Some of them are women with children and do not have shelter and food in Juba City. At the end of her sermon on Sabbath, Dr. Maloba made a call for an offering to contribute to an offering to assist a woman and her ten children. When the woman and her children accepted the Adventist message and were baptized, their living situation became dangerous. They are now living in another country as refugees in a rented house without windows or doors. This family's needs are great, but the two thousand people who had gathered for Sabbath services that day in Juba City opened their hearts and pockets and gave funds for the woman to install windows and doors to secure her children and herself in the house. And yet, she and her family have more needs. We continue praying that God will supply all their basic necessities.

One week after the congress, Dr. Muhando, the international evangelist from Tanzania, held “Juba for Christ” campaign, and 1000 souls were baptized, among them a lady who had been tormenting participants during the women’s congress. We praise the Lord.

Photo credit: WM ECD
Written by Dr. Debbie Maloba, Women's Ministries director for East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter 2023 Q3