"Leading With Love"

WM Departmental Advisory in Trans-European Division

Becici, Montenegro | TED News | David Neal and Vanesa Pizzuto | 10 March 2023

Women's Ministries directors are encouraged by Trans-European Division president Daniel Duda to be more effective 'influencers' as they nurture, empower, and support women in becoming fellow disciples of Christ in their fields.

Under the motto “Leading with Love,” Women’s Ministries directors were trained and empowered. Encouraging WM leaders to be more effective ‘influencers’ as they nurture, facilitate, and support women as fellow disciples of Christ in their fields, Daniel Duda set the tone for this advisory stream with an inspiring presentation on how Jesus treated women.

TED Women’s Ministries director Karen Holford facilitated the meetings and shared useful and fresh findings in counselling. The key dynamic of the Advisory was the creation of an interactive space with a flip chart and sticky notes, for the exchange of joys, challenges, and ideas. Seventeen participants presented regional reports of the impact of Women’s Ministries on their local communities. They also expressed their joy and happiness in serving as leaders.

Additionally, Holford laid out a display of beautiful craft materials, and invited the women to make something to remind them of God’s love (pictured above). This helped to demonstrate the engaging and liberating effects of creativity in our lives and spirituality.

Elaine Oliver, GC Family Ministries Associate Director, further enriched the team. She encouraged the group to take care of themselves as women leaders, by breathing, relaxing, being inspired by the Holy Spirit, and growing healthy relationships. Nilde Itin, GC Women’s Ministries Associate Director (pictured below) was also welcomed to the team, and she gave a presentation on what it means to lead with love.

Nilde Itin

Reflecting on Itin’s presentation Marija Trajkovska, South-East European Union Women’s Ministries leader of more than twenty-five years noted, “leading with love is the essence of what we do and who we are.”

“I was inspired to see the enthusiasm of people from different departments, eager to discuss how we can move forward as a church, share their experiences, lessons learnt and also to learn new things,” said Daniel Duda, TED President. “It was also good to work as a Division team together. People are returning back to their fields inspired and empowered. To God be glory!” Duda concluded.

The little known tourist resort of Becici, Montengro, located on the western edge of the Adriatic sea, has been a meeting place for Trans-European Division (TED) church leaders for well over 15 years, most notably for the annual November Year-End Meetings. Using the widely acclaimed Hotel Splendid as the meeting place, rarely have any taken place during March.

The inspiration for a combined advisory was due to the vision of the TED administrators and directors. “With up to a potential of 10 to 15 departmental advisories each quinquennium,” explained Nenad Jepuranovic “it was becoming increasingly expensive to host multiple venues across the Division. In addition, while each department advisory had value, it contributed in part to a ‘silo’ culture which is not healthy for the way the church departments operate.”

Taking place over the days of 7 – 10 March, a mix of 200 department leaders and administrators met together to connect with the TED team to dialogue, exchange ideas, pray and plan together for the future. Of the nine streams available, more people turned up to each advisory group than had subscribed.

Photos: David Neal, Tor Tjeransen, Dejan Stojkovic, and others
Condensed from an article originally posted at TED News.
A number of contributors made this article possible, including (in addition to TED directors), Marica Mirilov, Gábor Mihalec, and Karolina Poland.

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2