Baptismal candidates with woman preacher of the TMI evangelistic series

Total Member Involvement.

Twenty-seven men and women baptized as result of healthy lifestyle seminars and evangelistic series held by women

Adventist women involved with the meetings experience revival along with new converts in Democratic Republic of Congo.

East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

[Democratic Republic of Congo] More than five hundred people from the city of Bukavu attended a two-week evangelistic series led by women. The meetings were also combined with healthy lifestyle seminar presentations focusing on good mental health and breaking the habits of nicotine and alcohol. The joyful result is the baptism of 27 souls.

Adventist women who were involved with the meetings felt God’s presence and a revival occurred. They were also inspired by the noticeable change of habits in the smokers and alcoholics. By the end of the evangelistic series, 16 attendees from the addictions seminar were baptized, and rest of the 147 participants of the addictions seminar continue to attend local Adventist churches. Members fervently pray that all will be baptized.

Women’s Ministries seminar resource, Thinking Well, Living Well, provided ten sessions of information designed to promote recovery of good mental health. Health Ministries seminar resource, How to Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol, provided five days of coaching for creating new healthy habits while dropping unhealthy habits.

Led by Furaha Lugozi, Women’s Ministries director for South Kivu Field, Seventh-day Adventist women accepted the call to serve God and others through the mission-oriented church initiative, Total Member Involvement (TMI), when they organized activities during 2017 based on felt needs in their region. Many Congolese struggle with mental health issues and addiction. Both men and women benefited from the effort of these committed women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Submitted by Debbie Maloba, WM director, East-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Winter 2018