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The Dynamics of Domestic Violence PDF eBooklet

Written by Mable Dunbar, PhD, LPC, published 2016 by North American Division Women's Ministries (used by permission)
English | German | French | Portuguese | Spanish

Breaking the Silence brochure

English | Spanish | German | Portuguese

Breaking the Silence magazines (courtesy of South American Division)

Archive of Spanish and Portuguese PDF magazines

enditnow® Infographics (courtesy of South Pacific Division)

Zip file of nine infographic images ready for social media

Additional resources

North American Division enditnow website
Church Statements Against Violence
What Can My Church Do?
Protecting Our Children
13 Minimum Steps to Church Security, download an 11x17 poster, by Gary Loster and Sarah McDugal, used by permission of WildernesstoWILD.com
Enditnow Decision Tree, download an infographic in Spanish
Sexual Abuse: Reclaiming Hope, information about a seminar for NAD teacher certification and continuing education credit (CEUs), from Adventist Learning Community

enditnow® news and views

Adventist News Network, 8-24-2023, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Unmasking Abuse and Fostering Safer Places
Adventist News Network video, 8-23-2021, Abuse [What Should We Do To End It Now?], YouTube, In-Depth interview with Dr. Rene Drumm,
Adventist Review, 9-01-2019, Safe Church, interview includes Raquel Arrais, GC WM associate director
Adventist News Network, 8-04-2019 Breaking the Silence Day in Brazil
Adventist News Network, 8-17-2018 enditnow Emphasis Day

enditnow® video messages by Pastor Ted Wilson

Ted NC Wilson, 8-22-2021 YouTube video enditnow 2021 message with Nancy Wilson
Ted NC Wilson, 5-11-2021 YouTube video enditnow 2021 greeting
Ted NC Wilson, 8-21-2020 YouTube video enditnow 2020 message
Ted NC Wilson, 8-21-2017 YouTube video enditnow 2017 message
Nancy Wilson, 8-21-2017 YouTube video enditnow 2017 message

Pastor Ted N. C. Wilson and Nancy Wilson speak out against pornography, August 26, 2021
"How can we protect our minds from temptation?"