• Look around and learn as much as you can while at the GC Session.
  • Attend the business meetings. If you don't understand what is happening, ask someone.
  • Learn Parliamentary Procedure so you can better understand how the business works. Get a copy of the General Conference Rules of Order from Secretariat in your Conference, Union, or Division.
  • Visit the booths to find out where you would like to develop a ministry if you don't have one already. Most have booklets and information.
  • When you get home, get involved. If you can, serve on the church board or the Women's Ministries committee.
  • Take the Women's Ministries Leadership Certification courses and become certified.
  • When your church chooses officers, be sure that women are involved.
  • When your church chooses delegates to a constituency meeting, serve if you can.
  • Pray for and support women who are already in leadership.

By Ardis Stenbakken, Former GC WM Director