Women joyfully raise their Level 4 curriculum workbooks in January 2019 when they completed Women's Ministries Leadership Certification.


Women's Ministries Leadership Certification, Level 4

Completing the training provides satisfaction to nearly 800 women. They are eagerly preparing for a graduation ceremony to be held at the division women's ministries congress in July.

West-Central Africa Division (ECD)

[Ghana] The grateful hearts of Seventh-day Adventist women of Ghana are full with a sense of achievement and, yes, of satisfaction because they have completed the four levels of training courses in the General Conference Women's Ministries Leadership Certification. When these 796 courageous women committed in early 2017 to becoming certified, they may not have understood what was needed for this journey. A few dropped out at the beginning but the greater majority—almost 800—completed their final level of training in January 2019.

In the past two years, Ghanaian women demonstrated their ability to apply themselves to learning and their ability to apply what they have learned. They are already teaching others. And the administrators of the northern and southern regional fields in Ghana have taken note of the shift that women have become more professional in the way they do ministry.

These women are eagerly preparing to march in the graduation service scheduled during the West-Central Africa Division women's ministries congress, July 29-August 4, for thousands of women across West Africa who have completed the leadership course.

Christiana Agyenim-Boateng, women's ministries director for Southern Ghana Union Conference, led the final session for certification training for 427 women at Valley View University campus in Accra, January 9-12. Vida Linda Gyasi, women's ministries director for Northern Ghana Union Conference, led the final session for certification training for 369 women at Christian Village campus in Kumasi, January 16-19.

These two leaders ably organized two years of training in two unions for four levels of leadership certification to culminate in one graduation. They showed courage, persistence, and a great sense of mission to mobilize our women. They are pacesetters and other unions are working earnestly to reach their own goals by July.

Contributed by Omobonike Adeola Sessou, women's ministries director, West-Central Africa Division

Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue