Loving and Leading Your Spouse to Christ

This seminar trains women to evaluate their expectations of marriage, to gain skills for communication and dealing with conflict, what to know about children living in a divided home, and how to woo their spouses to Christ.

You will find seven sections to the seminar:
1. The Problem
2. Communication Skills
3. How to Deal with Conflict
4. Wooing Your Spouse to Christ
5. Children in a Divided Home
6. Commitment to Making Marriage Work
7. Putting Things into Perspective.

Don't give up if your spouse is hostile; it is the first stage in the acceptance of God. The seminar lists five stages of acceptance:

  • Hostile
  • Neutral
  • Detached Interest
  • Investigative State
  • Decision Making Time

Download Presenter's Script PDF | Seminar Slides PPTX

Written by Rose Otis when director of the General Conference Women's Ministries

Photo credit: Dreamstime