North England Conference women's ministries annual retreat blesses participants

The key aim for the theme, "Reflections of Ruth," is achieved as women explore and experience how to build relationships for eternity.

Trans-European Division (TED)

[United Kingdom] The significance of mother-daughter relationships cannot be ignored in the book of Ruth, said Nadine Collins, PhD, guest speaker at the North England Conference (NEC) women's retreat. The retreat goal of the organizer, Beulah A. Plunkett, NEC women's ministries director, was for women to take note of how, amid great challenges and loss, Ruth and Naomi forged a relationship that has stood as an example for all women of God since then.

Dr. Collins of Georgia, USA (originally from the Caribbean), showed attendees how to dig deep into the book of Ruth and met the retreat objectives set by Plunkett. Many attendees were amazed at the depth in the story of Ruth.

  • Learn from Ruth how to build good, godly, sisterly relationships with each other and fulfill the laws of God.
  • Examine how to move forward in Christian growth, as Naomi and Ruth diddespite their many strugglesto find what God had prepared for them.
  • Experience how to let God lead in every moment of their live by decided never to face our experiences without Him to call on.
  • Get to know God's purpose for our lives, as Ruth did when she accepted Naomi's God.
  • Embark upon or continue our personal goals for growth and change, which take time and effort at each stage. It is helpful to be aware of how you are progressing toward your goal and fulfilling your purpose.

Plunkett writes that many women came to her "and said what a blessing the retreat had been." She also notes that holding a retreat serves several significant purposes. Never let it be forgotten that the spiritual event is a safe place for women who have left the church to find their faith again. The conversations with other women gives lonely individuals opportunity to make real friendships. The location of a retreat is ripe for ministering to hotel staff, some of whom asked about our faith and worship. Two hotel staff members attended the Saturday banquet and were happy to spend the evening experiencing the annual retreat held in October 2018.

Adapted from British Union Messenger, January 11, 2019, "Reflections of Ruth" (p. 13), written by Beulah A. Plunkett, women's ministries director, North England Conference

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Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue