Touch a Heart, Tell the World

"We Have This Hope"

A word widely written, read, and talked about these days is the word "crisis." One can hardly turn on the radio, the TV, or pick up the newspaper without being showered by the idea of impending chaos. But for God's children, who believe in the present truth and trust in His loving care, this is an opportunity to witness and to share with others the hope we have.

We Believe the Time is Here,
When the Nations Far and Near
Shall Awake, and Shout and Sing
Hallelujah Christ is King

Last week I had the privilege to lead in devotion a group of women from many different denominations, most from varied Christian backgrounds. As I asked God to show me what to say I was impressed to share about the "Hope that burns within our hearts: Hope in the coming of the Lord."

Then God showed me a loved Christian hymn written by Horatio Spafford in 1873 during the worst crisis of his life: "It Is Well With My Soul. The words of this beautiful hymn did not focus on the crisis of the loss of his four daughters, his son, and his assets, but it focused on God's salvation and the hope of His soon return. I shared that story as part of the message of hope in His coming and we sang it together. After the devotion was over, every woman present praised God and shared with me how touched they were by the message of hope amidst the impending crisis.

We Have This Hope not to be selfishly locked within our hearts, but to be freely shared and spread like a burning fire that will consume all fear and despair. May we have the courage to take each opportunity and be His loving voice announcing the hope of His coming.

 by Katia Reinert who is currently working in the Health Ministries
department at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland

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