Trans-European Division

Card Making: A Ministry Project

Jerusalem, Israel - The Women's Ministries Department of the Adventist Church in Israel has launched a new project called "Bring Joy," a card making ministry.

This is an initiative with dual effects: benefiting the participants as well as the recipients. It is a labor of love, dedication, and fellowship as women grow and learn together. The project has several steps, each step having its own ministry.

First, groups of Adventist women meet twice a month as a small group. The purpose of the meeting is to grow spiritually, to enhance social relationships, and to make greeting cards. Invitations to join this gathering are extended to family members, friends, and non-Adventists. Second, church members and friends are encouraged to buy these cards and share them to demonstrate thoughtfulness, care, and love. Finally, the proceeds of this project are used to buy food, clothes, and presents for children in the hospital, abused women and children, and the elderly and needy.

The "Bring Joy" ministry hopes to do exactly that, to bring joy to the lives of people, and at the same time fulfill the worldwide Women's Ministries theme; "Touch a Heart, Tell the World."

Source: Nina Usacheva/TED News

"Don't wait for joy to come your way; go and seek God, seek
His joy, seek His presence and be strong in Him as you praise."

~Heather-Dawn Small, GC WM Director