Adventist church in Tübingen, Germany Says "NO" to Violence Against Women

Euro-Africa Division

When the Adventist church in Tübingen, Germany, heard about the enditnow initiative they were convinced that they should take part in this project. They told the mission committee, "Yes, we want to take a stand."

They contacted a cinema in Mössingen, a neighboring town, where a project

"Kino & Kirche" (cinema and church) already exists. They were prepared to show the movie "Wüstenblume" (Desert flower: the life story of Waris Dirie). They were permitted to provide information about violence against women and collect signatures for the enditnow petition in the foyer of the cinema. Some people who did not have the time to sign on their way to the screening came back after the movie to sign the petition.

Then on January 16, the Union Presidents announced the enditnow initiative to the church. Following the service, church members were asked to sign the enditnow petition. The lists were filled as church members patiently stood in line to sign up.

Next, the church was able to obtain permission from the city to put up an information stand in the pedestrian zone of Tübingen. They were able to ask passersby on Friday and Sabbath afternoon, January 22 and 23, to sign the petition. At the same time volunteers were able to invite people to the information program in the evening. Many people from around the world signed the petition-from Australia to Argentina and America to Africa.

On Saturday night visitors and members were welcomed to the church building, which had been decorated and transformed into a little piece of Africa. The program emphasized violence against women in general. The audience was moved by the introduction of the ministry for the Maasai girls in Kajiado, Kenya. After the program generous donations were given to support the Kajiado project.

Source: EUD WM


"The joy of doing something to promote this campaign
was worth all the effort."

~Hannelle Ottschofski, South German Union Women's Ministries director

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