Enditnow in MONTENEGRO

Trans-European Division

The enditnow campaign has been successfully implemented in the local churches of the South-East European Union (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia) in the first three months of this year. Activities were also organized in the local communities to promote nonviolent attitudes among the local population. Although all the reports from the local churches of the conferences are not yet in, the campaign has already been successful in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.

Pastor Branko Lukic, his wife Mirela Lukic, and the ADRA Montenegro country secretary Radovan Acimic, after promoting the campaign in the local Adventist church in Podgorica, decided to promote it also in Delta City, the most famous shopping center in Podgorica, where the daily influx of people is measured in thousands. On March 7 and 8 they collected over 3500 signatures from the non-Adventist population for the petition against violence against women and girls.

The daily news Vijesti interviewed Pastor Lukic and published the story in the March 8 issue. An interview with his wife, Mirela Lukic, was seen on the second and third editions of the National TV news on March 8. And the news agency Mina interviewed the Monte Negro ADRA country secretary Radovan Acimic that was published in Vijesti March 10, 2010.

Source: TED WM

Nepal Leadership Conference

Southern Asia Division

During January a Leadership Conference was held in Pokhara, Nepal, under the organization of Pastor Rajendra, pastor of the Pokhara church. This conference was organized for the leaders of Western Nepal, and included 10 women.

The women divided their time between a Women's Ministries Leadership Workshop, a Children's Sabbath School workshop, and the combined Leadership conference held in the main sanctuary.

The Women's Leadership workshop was conducted by Elizabeth Shultz, Women's Ministries Director for Nepal, and included "Women of Worth" and "How to Study the Bible." Components of a local Women's Ministries program were also discussed and ideas and strategies for women to become self sufficient were encouraged.

The combined meetings emphasized Adventist doctrines, the church's mission, prophecy, and health and temperance.

The conference pulled from many different areas of Western Nepal and led to the baptism of two individuals, one being the young woman who is doing literacy for the Pokhara Adventist women.

The conference was very well accepted, and continued training is planned for the future.

Source: Elizabeth Shultz

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

June 12, 2010

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day is a special day for women around the world to worship God and to give Him first place in their lives and to live so that others will worship Him.

The Resource Packet for the 2010 Women's Emphasis Day titled "Like a Diamond in the Lord's Hands" and was prepared by Denise Lopes of the South American Division (SAD). The focus of this packet is on the importance to shine for God even under difficult circumstances. For more information and to download the free packet, go to