Inspiration for You

Turn Failure Into Success  

Tune in to Christ's message of hope.  He has made you to be a success.  He has a plan for your life. In His eyes you are a winner, a woman of great worth.  

Christ can help you turn each failure into a success.

 There are six positive things we can do with failure:  acknowledge it; thank God for it; learn from it; use it as a stepping-stone to success; overcome it; transform it into an opportunity.

  1. Acknowledge it.  Because of sin, all human beings experience failure.  We fool no one when we pretend to be perfect. Confession of our failures allows for the grace of forgiveness and the opportunity for change.
  2. Thank God for it.  The humiliation of defeat often proves a blessing by showing us our inability to do the will of God without His aid.
  3. Learn from it.  Reverses will teach caution.  We learn from our failures. Thus we gain experience.
  4. Use it as a stepping-stone to success.  God trains some by bringing to them disappointment and apparent failure.  It is His purpose that they shall learn to master difficulties.
  5. Overcome it.  All failure is not sin, but all sin is failure. Jesus came to earth not only to die for our sins, but also to show us how to overcome them.  The methods He has given us are Scripture, the Holy Spirit, prayer, song, and the ministry of angels. He will give strength to try again.
  6. Transform it.  It is possible to turn a defeat into victory.  Sometimes all that is necessary is just a change in the way we look at things. 

The successful Adventist woman will see a possibility in every failure. She will seek, by God's power, to transform that failure into success.(Source:  WM Leadership Certification Level 1.)


Open Secrets of Life's Success

  • True faith and true prayer--how strong they are! They are the two arms by which the human suppliant lays hold upon the power of Infinite Love.
  • Faith is trusting in God, believing that He loves us and knows what is for our best good. Thus, instead of our own way, it leads us to choose His way. In place of our ignorance, it accepts His wisdom; in place of our weakness, His strength; in place of our sinfulness, His righteousness. Our lives, ourselves, are already His; faith acknowledges His ownership and accepts its blessing.
  • Truth, uprightness, and purity are secrets of life's success. It is faith that puts us in possession of these. Every good impulse or aspiration is the gift of God; faith receives from God the life that alone can produce true growth and efficiency.  2 Mind Character and Personality, p.  541

Faith is trusting that God is doing something.

Hope is trusting that God is doing something now.