Focus on the News

South Australian Conference Women’s Retreat


In April, at Ankara, the youth camp in the South Australian Conference, 27 women attended a special Women’s Ministries program named “PMS3.”  The program, taught by Janette Kingston, WM Director for S.A. Conference, encouraged women to balance their lives by keeping the physical, mental, spiritual, social, and service (PMS3) aspects of their lives in balance. They were also invited to conduct “PMS3” programs in their own churches.  Erna Johnson, Women’s Ministries Director for the South Pacific Division, encouraged the group with her spiritual presentations.  She reminded us that each woman belongs to God’s family and may “travel light,” knowing that Jesus will carry our burdens.  

by Erna Johnson, Director, Women's MInistries, South-Pacific Divisiion

OREGON Women Minister to a Local Mission Field

(NAD  - Oregon Conference)

 In late April, the O.C. Women’s Ministries sponsored a mini-mission weekend in Sweet Home, Oregon, where the median income is near the poverty level. The event included free hearing and blood pressure checks, massage, and free photos and fingerprinting of children. Cheri Corder, WM Director, and Tawny Sportsman lead out. The purpose was to reach out and touch lives as Jesus did.

Upper Myanmar Mission Launches the B = B (Bible equals Baptism)


At Revival and Reformation meetings for Upper Myanmar Mission [UMM], all the morning and evening devotionals were presented by women. Many women from the Tiddim and Kalay circles attended these meetings.  Women gave their testimonies, and in the evening participated in a Bible memory verse reciting competition.  Daw Cho Cho Paul, Women’s Ministries Director from UMM, spoke about women, health, and nutrition for the family. On the last day of this meeting, a B = B Program was launched, and 38 women dedicated themselves to participate.  Ordained pastors from this circle laid hands on the women and prayed for them.

Zamboanga Peninsula Mission Launches BBC Project


The Zbga Peninsula Mission Women’s Ministries Department launched the BBC (Bible equals Baptism equals Conservation) Project in April at the Batu Adventist Church in Zamboanga, Philippines.  This was preparation for the Women's Crusade conducted in early June. Prior to this, a retreat for women officers and leaders hosted 32 women delegates from throughout the Zamboanga Peninsula Mission. The theme was "Revival for Mission Among Women."  Target dates for the reaping are June 11 and October 22. We pray to God for the success of the program.

--Merna E. Pamunag, Director, Women's Ministries, Zamboanga Peninsula Mission