Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Nothing Can Stop the Women of Malawi from Telling the Story

The women of North Malawi Mission Field conducted an evangelistic meeting in Mzuzu Prison.  When they first asked for permission to hold the meetings, they were turned down because it was believed the women’s meetings would involve the prisoners the whole day, leaving them no time to do hard labor. Efforts to
explain to the authorities that they just needed 30 minutes each day were fruitless. However, the women were authorized to speak to the prisoners for just four days.

On the last day, God performed a miracle because over a hundred persons were converted and 75 were baptized.  God only needs our willingness, for He accomplishes His purposes. 

Source: Sister Lapani, (Women’s Ministries Director, North Malawi Field)



Northern Asia Pacific Division

"Appreciation Meeting" for Former Missionaries Brings Women Together

In Mongolia, Women's Ministries and Shepherdess Departments invited former and present missionaries, as well as Shepherdesses (pastors’ wives), to meet together. The purpose was to encourage and commend women who had served as missionaries and leaders of the church but who are no longer active. 

“Without these women and their hard work, many of the churches in Mongolia wouldn’t exist.  Because of their tears and prayers, God blessed the churches abundantly in the past,” said Mi Yong Kotanko in the opening ceremony during which all were presented with a small plaque of appreciation.


Southern Asia Pacific Division

WM Evangelism – REACHING OUT

The Women’s Ministries group in Kayangat Adventist Church in Malaysia conducted evangelistic series for 10 nights led by Shepherdess member Saine Golotoh. Two churches combined for this event and used the “Family Evangelistic Seminar Series.” This was the first evangelistic meeting ever conducted by women in this church.  Attendance was good; people were excited to hear women preaching for the first time. Bible studies were also conducted each night, and 11 souls were baptized.