Inspiration for You: Refresh Your Retreats

Women invest a lot of time and energy into their families, churches, communities, and work.  they sacrifice their own needs for others.  A retreat helps them recharge, feel encouraged, and be spiritually fed.

Make a Difference Day

Retreat means withdrawal, so even a short break can be a rest from routines of everyday life.  A one-day retreat of eight hours will be accessible for more women, keep costs affordable, and make planning simpler.

Make an Unforgettable Experience

When women experience what they are learning, biblical principles stick with them up to nine times longer!  Consider out-of-the-box activities that can be debriefed with discussion and Scripture.  Spiritual topics such as trust and growth can be experienced through the metaphor of physical challenges.

Make it Relational

Women like to talk!  When people connect, learning becomes more effective and helps build Christian friendships.  Don't ask women to sit and listen for hours on end.  Instead, have them get into groups and go for a long walk with three simple questions to discuss.  Use icebreakers or games to mix up groups expecially at mealtimes.

Make it Easy

Take advantage of creative ideas and practical tools such as planning timelines, supply lists, scheduled suggestions, promotional and registration items.  Involve new women to join in as you plan--and be 100% open to the new ideas they bring.  The more others are involved, the more likely they are to invite friends and create an excellent retreat for everyone. 

by Amy Nappa,

Determine Objectives, Audience, Organizers

The first step in putting the meeting puzzle together is to determine the objectives and audience for the event.  This is the framework.  You cannot plan a budget until you know what your objectives are.  You cannot find a site until you know what your purpose is.  You should not proceed with your plans until you have answered these questions:

  1. What is the purposer of the event?  Are you bringing people together to pray or to play?
  2. What is the goal and final outcome you anticipate?  What do you want attendies to take away from their time together?
  3. Are you working alone or with an organizing committee?
  4. Who do you anticipate will attend?  Teenagers, senior citizens, families, couples or women only?

Definitions of Terms for Meetings

  • Retreat—A period of time a group withdraws for meditation and study.
  • Congress—A formal assembly, the act of coming together for a set purpose.
  • Convention—A formal meeting of members, representatives or delegates.
  • Session—A meeting to transact business.
  • Seminar—A meeting for exchange of ideas.
  • Board Meeting—A meeting of an organized body of administrators.

Source: Women's Ministries Leadership Certification.  Level 1: Organizing Retreats and Congresses