Men signing petition in Tagas, Sabah

Sabah Grassroots Organize enditnow Events

Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) May 2014

[Sabah, Malaysia] Women’s Ministries in Sabah Mission gathered 1,183 signatures by end of May from ongoing grassroots enditnowTM campaigns across the state.  Men are also involved and signing petitions.

Sim Sew Moi, Southeast Asia Union Mission WM Director, helped launch the campaign in Pioneer Memorial Church for all Mission personnel, local pastors and elders, and a campaign launched at Tagas Adventist Church. Dollie Juliet Gabrine representing Sabah’s bureau of Welfare Ministry was keynote speaker in three regional campaigns held at these churches: Pioneer Memorial, Tagas, and Kokol.

Contributed by Sim Sew Moi, SSD Southeast Asia Union Mission, Women's Ministries Director

For more information on the GC signature campaign, click here; To sign the petition online at, click here


Dollie Juliet Gabrine (below) speaking at church in Kokul, Sabah






Pioneer Memorial Church and Sabah Mission personnel in Tamparuli, Sabah