When Cooking Leads to Bible Study

Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) June 2014

[Japan] Two years ago, Asakawa Chizuko from Chiba Church attended a seminar held by Women’s Ministries of Japan where Dr. Sally Phoon urged the members to reach out to their communities as Jesus would do. After returning home, the Holy Spirit kept nudging her towards action, and Chizuko responded.

Her pastor suggested she serve a real need by providing lunches for the Shalom Nursing Home. With a prayer in her heart, she engaged two unbelievers to join her in this venture. The meals are a hit with the nursing home residents as Chizuko uses her creativity every day to provide interesting menus.

From this initial effort, she started vegetarian classes with an eye for evangelism. She invited grandparents, kids and families, especially non-believers to be a part of the group. When she needed a soba professional, she engaged two unbelieving husbands of women in her church. Bread and sushi experts who were non-Christians were also engaged. Their involvement with the cooking classes helped to deepen their friendship with the Chiba church members.  Her own husband volunteered to be the deliveryman taking meals to the nursing home.

Over the course of the two years, these cooking classes have led nine interests to take Bible studies with Pastor Shoji. The group is growing, and grandparents and children are also joining in the fun on weekends. Chizuko certainly looks forward to fishing for potential souls as she continues to work in the church kitchen. 

Contributed by Dr. Sally Lam-Phoon, NSD, Women's Ministries Director

Chizuko (left) with Lam-Phoon