Graduation Ceremony at WM Congress for 43 women completing 4 Levels and 40 Seminars

Northern Asia-Pacific Ocean Division (NSD) June 2014

[Ulan Bator, Mongolia] Nearly 400 men and women attended the Women’s Convention held the last weekend of June for good travel weather. The summer theme, “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” captured the essence of Women’s Ministries and the music captured the essence of Mongolia.

The convention’s highlight was the graduation ceremony for sixteen women who completed all four levels of the Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification with 40 seminars. We congratulate these women (eight of them are pastors’ wives) and their perseverance for completing all forty courses. Leadership certification equips them to minister to the women in their churches as well as in the community.

Just prior to the convention forty-three women attended the fourth level of women’s leadership certification workshop led by Purvdulam, WM director of Mongolia Mission. A number of pastors and leaders helped lead the ten seminars.

Raquel Arrias, GC WM associate director, assisted with the leadership training and was keynote speaker for the convention. Other presenters during the convention included Dr. Linda Koh, GC Children’s Ministries director, and Dr. Sally Phoon, NSD Children’s, Family & Women’s Ministries Director.

Contributed by Dr. Sally Lam-Phoon, NSD, Women's Ministries Director

Raquel Arrias (second from right above) celebrates with a mother and her two daughters (all three women are wives of pastors) at the completion of all four levels of WM Leadership Certification Training.