Leadership Certification Training Continues in Europe

Sanches (center) surrounded by WM Leadership Certification Level 1 graduates in Lithuania

Trans-European Division (TED) August 2014

[Kaunas, Lithuania] Fifteen women eager to discover innovative ways to spread the gospel attended WM Leadership Certification Training Level 1 led by Renate Seoniene, director of Women’s Ministries in Lithuania. Seoniene, a psychologist who volunteers her time for WM, reports Level 1 participants are impatiently waiting for Level 2 training. Bertold Hibner, president of the Lithuanian Conference, translated for Clair Sanches, director of TED WM, during the late August event. He is 100% behind Women’s Ministries and sees the potential for furthering the work of the church.

Lativa is the next country scheduled for Level 1 training. Since September 2013 Sanches also held Level 1 training events in Sweden, Hungary, Poland where Halina Jankovska was chosen last year to lead Women’s and Children’s Ministries although she is also not being paid. Sanches explains, “It is a breakthrough” just to have an official leader appointed in this position, “because women are not paid to work for the church.” Sanches is excited to see these countries discovering women can make a big difference in the church. 

Contributed by Clair Sanches, TED Women's Ministries Director