WM directors in the unions of Southern Asia Division meet for training


Women's ministries union directors gather for planning session

Southern Asia Division women's ministries leaders are trained to meet the six challenges for women worldwide and for reaching non-Christians.

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[India] Premila Masih, Southern Asia Division Women’s Ministries (SUD WM) department director met with the union women’s ministries directors in Pune, June 4-6, 2018, for counseling as well as planning.

The main focus of the WM union advisory was to encourage the leaders to build a deep relationship with Jesus (Nurture) and to empower women in their territories to reach out to other women, both within the church (Empower) and outside the church (Outreach). Directors shared ideas, experiences, weaknesses, and strengths.

The union directors received training to meet the six challenge issues for women: abuse and domestic violence, illiteracy, health threats for women, poverty, lack of training, and women’s workload. They also received training to reach non-Christian women in their own context through bridge building through the General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM) resource manual, Building Bridges: Woman to Woman.

Masih shared with her leaders how faith journaling and coloring engages the mind and heart during personal worship time, and coloring was part of the advisory’s program. A surprise field trip to hill station was exciting. The directors also enjoyed every part of the counseling program. They returned home equipped to be better servants of God.

Contributed by Premila Masih, women's ministries director for Southern Asia Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2018 Q4, Fall issue

2015-2020 GC Strategic Plan

General Conference Women’s Ministries department fulfills the 2015-2020 GC Strategic Plan by using Nurture, Empower, and Outreach to express these three pillars of the plan:

Reach Up to God (Nurture)
Reach In with God (Empower)
Reach Out with God (Outreach)