NSD WM | Chiba, Japan | Mie Morita | May 28, 2022

This church in Japan deeply savors the Word of God

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day includes seminars to lead Bible reading groups.

The Chiba International Church celebrated Women's Ministries Emphasis Day (WMED), May 28, 2022. Worship services were conducted in Japanese and English using the Women's Ministries 2022 WMED resource packet, "Heroines of Faithfulness."

In the afternoon, women's ministry leaders presented seminars, to guide participants for studying the Bible in a small group setting. Many Japanese women are unaccustomed with speaking in discussions and need encouragement even to begin Bible studies in their homes. Concentrating on the Bible itself, the participants spent time deeply savoring the Word of God, which they gleaned from each other's devotional messages.

A church member of Chiba International Church uses social networking sites to announce recited scripture. Being in charge of Sabbath School in the past year, she has already been using social media to announce church activities and is considering how she can best use digital evangelism as outreach.

Since April of this year, the Chiba International Church no longer has a full-time pastor. Pastors in Japan have several churches in their districts, and many church members see their pastors once a month or less. To evangelize Japan in the future, seminars training women in hosting their own Bible study groups are necessary. Our desire is that many women will experience the joy of reading and understanding the Word of God.

Additional Women's Ministries Emphasis Day programs will be held in other Japanese locations during July.

Women Learn How to Run a Bible Reading Group for Japanese People

Women’s Ministries in Japan Union Conference (JUC) has been intentionally teaching other women on how to run a Bible reading group online or in person. According to sister Mie Morita, JUC Women’s Ministries director, “This is a seminar that anyone can organize and share especially in this time where we are using digital platforms to empower our women to stay connected in God’s Word.”

The goal is for families or intergenerational church members to pass on their faith on an ongoing basis while respecting each other's views.

The meeting is held on every Tuesday evening, 9:00-10:00 p.m., from March to May, after children are asleep. Participants receive a few bookmarks for their Bibles with prayers, ideas, and how to start a Bible reading group. Instructions are included to help them start reading the Bible as a group.

More than 10 groups were formed this time: groups of family members, friends, and fellow participants.

A second session is scheduled to be held from September to November. “We praise God for these groups as they come together for prayer and Bible Study," says Morita.

Photo credit: Japan Union Conference WM

By Mie Morita, Women's Ministries director, Japan Union Conference of Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3