Leadership Certification training participants with WM liaison for MENA, Amal Fawzy (front center left), and WM leader in West-Asia Field, Ute Alkan (front center right)


Leadership training empowers women, and also men

A WM leader is installed in each congregation in Turkey and is actively engaged in leadership training.

Middle East and North Africa Union Mission (MENA)

[Turkey] "Leadership Certification training took place in Ankara, Istanbul, Lefkoşa and Antalya, where not only sisters but also brothers have been blessed by the personally enriching seminars," reports Ute Alkan, Women's Ministries (WM) leader in West-Asia Field.

The Women's Ministries department with Amal Fawsy appointed WM liaison was established in Middle East and North Africa Union Mission (MENA) only a few years ago. WM in Turkey is now functioning with volunteer WM coordinators in each congregation and company who are committed to leadership.

"By God’s grace we were able to hold some leadership training seminars in groups and churches," writes Ute. "Now is the time to nurture and empower" the women of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in this territory.

West-Asia Field, a territory of MENA, is comprised of Turkey, Iran, and the northern portion of Cyprus.

Contributed by Ute Alkan, Women's Ministries leader for West-Asia Field, MENA

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Summer 2018