While being nurtured at a peaceful health sanitarium in the western mountains of Ukraine, these women make time for a group portrait


The beauty and rejuvenation of springtime contributes to revival and spiritual growth

Women to gather in two locations of Ukraine's natural beauty, the sea and the mountains, to commune with God while they relax and reassess their value within their own spheres of influence.

Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

[Ukraine] “It is easier to share a piece of bread and clothes,” says Raisa Ostrovskaya, Women’s Ministries director for the Euro-Asia Division, than it is to share spiritual values with lost souls. The intrinsic values of love, hope, comfort, and many other values and qualities of life, must be learned and understood in one’s heart before one is able to share these values with others.

Early spring by the seaside in the southern region of Ukraine proved to be a rejuvenating time for women to leave the everyday duties of home life and come together by the Black Sea for a special retreat named, “Her Territory.” The retreat’s goal was to define the value of a woman and her personal territory, and then to inspire each participant to focus on her own life-changing spiritual needs. A team of Christian psychologists who presented seminars touching on areas of a woman’s life also made time for individual consultations.

A few weeks later a field school held in the western mountains of Ukraine at the Bukonvinskaya Chereshenka Sanatorium was a blessing for eighty women. In addition to the inspiring meetings with the theme, “Revival for Women,” participants were invited by the director to enjoy sanatorium rest and renewal in the sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and lovely mountain walks at a low-cost provided for the Adventist women. All participants at the retreat experienced God’s special love for women through this generous opportunity.

“I give what I have,” is the motto of women’s ministry in the Ukrainian Union. But it is understood that each woman must be spiritually filled first before she can pour out blessings on her family, church, and congregation.

Ostrovskaya points out that Jesus assigned His disciples to teach first, and after that everything else, and thus her mission includes teaching lasting spiritual values to women throughout her vast territory. In this she and her team of Women’s Ministries leaders endeavor to give women opportunity to learn. Then the concept is nailed down in their minds when participants put into their own words what they’ve heard while participating in breakout groups or support groups. Practicing the verbalization of these truths is necessary before sharing them with others.

Ostrovskaya is busy providing opportunities for the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of women of the Russian Federation and the nations that separated from the former Soviet Union. Spiritual retreats in spring and summer are the best way to nurture and encourage women for growing spiritually and for reaching out to others to share the gospel. Ostrovskaya praises the entire team of Women’s Ministries leaders in Ukraine for their talent, creativity, and dedication to spiritual revival.

Contributed by Raisa Ostroskaya, Women's Ministries director for Euro-Asia Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q3, Summer issue