Women in the Bible... and Me

Practical advice on achieving your full potential

Fourteen lessons for nurture and encouragement in small group fellowship

Introduced by the General Conference Department of Women's Ministries in 2008, the fourteen lessons give nurture and encouragement through timeless topics and issues that still affect women today, just as in Bible times. These short topical lessons work well for small group meetings in your home. Your friends and neighbors will enjoy the fellowship and learning. Short lessons such as these are designed for outreach, however, they are also a nurturing resource for the women in your church.

In studying the lives of these noteworthy women, you will learn that God has called women to play a significant role in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will understand that each woman today is invited to fulfill God's call to be a blessing in her personal center of influence. You will learn from their mistakes, successes, and challenges. You will discover that God's blessings are heaped upon the woman who trusts in the Lord.

Through the stories in this set of fourteen lessons with accompanying slides presentations, God will breathe His message for a woman like you.

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14 lessons with introduction PDF lessons
14 presentations with introduction PPTX slides

Lesson 0 – Introduction | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 1 – Deborah: Courage and Empowerment | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 2 – Hannah: Fulfillment and Joy | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 3 – Naomi: A Mentor | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 4– Abigail: Wisdom and Independence | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 5 – Miriam: Service and Forgiveness | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 6 – Rahab: Mercy and Respect | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 7– Mary: Acceptance | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 8 – The Captive Maid: Peace and Mercy | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 9 – Phoebe: A Helper, A Protector | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 10 – Lydia: A Hospitable Businesswoman | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 11 – Rhoda: Faithful Servant Girl | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 12 – Anna: Insight Comes With Age | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 13 – The Elect Lady: Loved and Respected | PowerPoint slides

Lesson 14– The Healed Woman: Transformation by Faith | PowerPoint slides