When Jesus Ended It

French Antilles-Guiana Union prints the enditnow® special day resource packet as a full-color magazine for distribution.

Inter-American Division (IAD)

[Martinique] Claudine Rivierez designed an attractive magazine using the translated content of the resource packet for enditnow® Emphasis Day 2020, Quand Jésus Y Mit Fin (When Jesus Ended It). The twenty-page, full-color magazine is printed in French and includes the sermon script, suggested order of service, children's story, and seminar script. 

The magazine was distributed throughout the territory of French Guiana, Guadeloupe (and its dependencies), Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin. Rivierez's passion for enditnow works well with her role as Women's Ministries director in the French Antilles-Guiana Union Conference of Inter-American Division.

Anthony Kent, an associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association, wrote the sermon script for enditnow® Emphasis Day 2020. He also preached his sermon in studio for a recorded video. The video can be screened as the worship service sermon during enditnow Emphasis Day or any other service. It was used also as a coaching tool for women who themselves preached the sermon from his script.

Ministerial Association made its first contribution to writing the annual resource packet for enditnow, a Seventh-day Adventist Church initiative. The seminar in this packet, "Wounds of Abuse" was published in the November 2018 issue of the Ministry International Journal for Pastors. The sermon and seminar responsibility rotates among the seven supporting departments: Children's Ministries, Department of Education, Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Ministerial Association, Women's Ministries, and Youth Ministries.

French magazine contributed by Claudine Rivierez, director of Women's Ministries, French Antilles-Guiana Union Conference

Download the French magazine PDF, Quand Jésus Y Mit Fin
Download the French booklet PDF, La Dynamique des Violences Domestiques, that goes with the handout in this packet
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