First Women's Retreat in Vishakapatnam Draws 80 participants

Adult coloring surprisingly helps women relax and enjoy illustrations of Biblical women.

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[India] Eighty women attended a women’s retreat, the first for church members in this area, at Vishakapatnam. Attendees at the three morning seminars enjoyed the stories and the illustrations.

Women were given time in the morning to participate in the trend of adult coloring with colored pencils and line drawings that illustrated biblical female characters. Some women attending the retreat skeptically claimed they were too old for coloring. But as happens to nearly everyone, once women began the coloring process, they enjoyed the activity and wanted to continue.

Bible quizzes and special songs were presented in between sessions. A delicious lunch was served. After lunch, arranged transportation took women to the seashore of Uda Park. All women, young and old, played games. It was unbelievable!

Before women were dismissed with closing prayer, juice and cookies were served. Retreat attendees enjoyed being away from home and the responsibility of home tasks.

Everyone in attendance was blessed, physically and spiritually, through the activities of the retreat held February 28, 2020.

Contributed by Premila Masih, director of Women’s Ministries for Southern Asia Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q3, summer issue


The pages of line drawings used at this retreat are taken from Women in the Bible . . . and Me adult coloring book, produced by the Women's Ministries Department of Trans-European Division. Three female European artists each illustrated the roster of fourteen biblical women of the Bible lessons.

The coloring book images are a companion resource to the Women in the Bible . . . and Me bible studies, produced by the General Conference Women's Ministries.