Grow, Rise, and Shine

Through Small Group Ministry

"The blessing of the Lord will come to the church members who thus participate in the work, gathering in small groups daily to pray for its success. Thus the believers will obtain grace for themselves, and the work of the Lord will be advanced." --Ellen White, Evangelism, p. 111

Reaching Out Through Small Groups
A small group is a common component of growth in Women's Ministries because of the capacity to experience community-something we as women were created for and need. Small groups are also an effective tool for inviting and integrating women, helping them experience the blessing of worship in a unique way.

What Defines a Small Group?
A small group is 5-10 people coming together for a common purpose. Some groups meet weekly, others biweekly, to study the scriptures, share in fellowship, support each other, and serve in ministry together.

Types of Small Groups You Can Use in Your Ministry

  • Bible Study groups
  • Outreach Small Groups
  • Support groups
  • Nurture groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Discussion groups
  • Groups for newlyweds

Small Group Bible Study

One of the most successful types of Bible study is the small group study, for several reasons:

  1. People are often less intimidated in small groups and more willing to share.
  2. Small groups can meet in convenient, close-to-home locations.
  3. The group can provide a feeling of caring and nurture.
  4. People have an opportunity to study at their own pace.
  5. The small group creates a natural group for continued discipling.

When planning for small group study, it is essential to include five components:

  • Sharing: getting acquainted
  • Bible study: learning about God's Word
  • Prayer: asking for God's assistance
  • Social time: providing a time for sharing
  • Service: doing something for someone else

Before you invite people to a small group Bible study, begin praying that God will attract the group members He wants and that He will enable you to lead and encourage the group.

Among the goals of a small group Bible study would be to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance which stimulates discoveries and freedom to speak about the Bible without fear of embarrassment or criticism. This will foster positive Christian fellowship.

From the Heart

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. " -Mother Teresa

"Good works are links that form a chain of love." -Mother Teresa

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."-Mother Teresa

"Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of God
and our fellow men" Ellen White
, The Ministry of Healing, p. 395