OUTREACH:  Crossing Over

Euro-Africa Division:  Reaching the Gypsy Community

In Chirpan, a small town in South Bulgaria, most of the inhabitants are Gypsies, of Muslim culture, and speak the Turkish language. To reach out to the community, the Women's Ministries Director of the Bulgarian Union, Emilia Stoykova, works together with Pastor Georgi Kertikov and his wife Elena. Their varied projects include…

  • Work with a group of approximately 30 children; only 6 of them are from Adventist families. The programs include a literacy program for young people.
  • Literacy and health training for women, including hygiene, family life, and family planning.
  • English and Spanish classes are offered in cooperation with the government Peace Corps. The Adventist church provides church meeting rooms for these classes.
  • Practical training such as setting up furniture and gardening;  the purpose is to help participants choose a future profession
  • Social activities such as knitting and craft classes
  • Evangelization with music programs in the streets
  • Music program for Gypsy children with a music teacher teaching them piano, recorder, guitar and other instruments.
  • Birthday Invitations for children in church. Celebrations with family and friends are an important part of the Muslim culture.
  • For men, computer classes are offered so that they will let their wives take part in the literacy program. 

These projects are being supervised and coordinated by the Women's Ministries Department and the Bulgarian Union, as well as the Women's Ministries Department of Euro-Africa Division.

Source:  Euro-Africa Division Women’s Ministries