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JULY 2008

Women's Challenge Issues—Abuse

2007 Women's Ministries Statistical Report

Baptisms:  141,076

Retreats/Congresses:  31,977

Reclaimed Members:  32,170

SDA Women Attending:  1,259,272

Evangelistic Meetings:  56,452

Non-SDA Women Attending:  130,014

Training Seminars:  60,966

Scholarships Awarded:  136

Other Meetings:  1,287,347


Breaking the Silence—Women's Ministries has developed seven brochures on Abuse, why it is wrong, and how you can help. Each brochure gives biblical basis for why abuse is wrong.

  • Do you know someone who is abused?
  • You can stop the violence and help them heal.
  • Are you being abused by your boyfriend or husband?
  • Are you being abused by your girlfriend or wife?
  • Has your child been abused?
  • Are you abusing someone?
  • Struggling to forgive one who abused you?

All brochures available in English and Spanish. Contact AdventSource at (800) 328-0525 or www.adventsource.org.

Prayer Corner

  • Women in Abusive situations or who may be themselves abusing others: children, spouses, parents.
  • Pray that the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day will be a success.
  • Women world wide who are conducting evangelistic campaigns.


  • August 23—Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day: Abuse of Power
  • August 9—International Day of the World’s Indigenous People


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