The PALS program

Prayer and Love Saves.

This program of eleven lessons will help you overcome guilt, develop skills to build relationships with adult children and their families and to intercede for them in prayer. Participating in the program will also help you find support in one another in mutual concern.

The program is divided into three basic focus areas: accepting, loving, and praying.

Part 1 focuses on the reality of the situation and encourages parents to accept the things they cannot change, to work with the things they can, and to know the difference when it comes to their relationships with their adult children. It's about releasing parents from blame, letting go to face their own feelings, and taking a look at the differences between themselves and their children.

Part 2 is a practical section of what parents can do to build better relationships and their children. It is looking to the future and choosing the steps by which they can communicate love.

Part 3 is devoted to interceding for adult children who are prodigals. It offers prayer support for parents who are in pain over the choices their adult children have made. The final chapter makes suggestions for a better future.

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Written by Dorothy Eaton Watts when director of General Conference Women's Ministries

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"Children are a gift from the Lord."
—Psalm 127:3 CWB