Women's Issues columns from Mosaic newsletter—a resource of WM "clipped articles"

POVERTY and WATER from 2016 Q1

Women's Health

This fact file highlights 10 key areas that have serious consequences for women's health over the life-course.

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Ellen G. White also counsels us often about rest, urging women to take care of their bodies, to find time for solitude and rest.

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Preventing Suicide

Resource material for understanding suicide

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Teens and Depression

Teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to report being depressed, consider attempting suicide, or commit suicide.

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Living Single

The challenge for those who want to be in a relationship among both the never-married and the single-again is how to meet people with similar interests and ideals.

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Women's Issues

Empathy is sensing another's feelings and attitudes as if we had experienced them ourselves. This is crucial if we want to connect and reach women today.

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