Mission to the Cities

[Biysk, Russia] The first Women's Ministries Conference in Central Siberia met and developed five programs for five target cities with emphasis on women's emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Demographic research for each community's felt needs guided the planning. (Euro-Asia Division) See more here

[Cotonou, Bénin] Big City evangelism in Cotonou began by inviting friends and neighbors to join small groups in January. A two-week reaping series in June resulted in 117 baptisms when more than 90 women preached in 88 evangelistic centers. (Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division) See more here

[Chiba, Japan] When a church member began providing lunches for a local nursing home, she did not realize how many unbelievers would join her ministry or that she would begin teaching vegetarian classes as an evangelism outreach in her city. (Northern-Asia Pacific Division) See more here

Former SOS scholar graduates with Master's degree

SOS Scholar Update

[China] Li Na received a GC SOS scholarship while studying for her Bachelor's degree. She continued her education and graduated in March with a Master's degree. She and her husband Pastor Jed Kuang oversee the Love and Hope School in China. (Northern Asia-Pacific Division) See more here

enditnow Events

[Sabah, Malaysia] Many men are signing petitions in enditnow campaigns (pictured above) in Sabah where the mission leaders and pastors are also involved. (Southern Asia-Pacific Division) See more here

[Bonaire] A car parade and drum band march to a city park for speeches signaled an enditnow event on the island of Bonaire. (Inter-American Division) See more here

WM Leadership Certification Training

Lithuanian women completed training with Sanches (front center)

[Kaunas, Lithuania] Fifteen women of Lithuania participated in Level 1 WM Leadership Certification Training with Clair Sanches, WM Director of Trans-European Division. See more here

[Davao City, Philippines] Leadership Certification Training Level 1 attracted 166 women in Davao Mission. (Southern-Asia Pacific Division) See more here

WM Congresses

[Vilankulos, Mozambique] The first ever union-wide Women's Ministries congress met in Mozambique in August. The union president and all of the mission presidents also attended. (East-Central Africa Division) See more here

[Gaborone, Botswana] Young Adventist Women's Ministries coordinated their own track at the Botswana WM Conference. (Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division) See more here

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